We attach great importance to sustainability and responsible action. Our products are made by hand in a small artisan factory in Portugal, always adhering to the highest environmental standards.

You can find more information about our certifications here: https://www.polettoleathers.com/certificazioni/

Pfaff Nähmaschine zur Verarbeitung von Leder. Handgemachte Qualität macht einen Unterschied. Pfaff Nähmaschine zur Verarbeitung von Leder. Handgemachte Qualität macht einen Unterschied.


Genuine leather is a unique, high-quality natural product with many positive properties. In addition to its durability, breathability, feel and robustness, real leather also impresses with its unique look and smell.

Through frequent wear, leather develops a unique patina over time and becomes a beloved companion. Like every natural product, every piece of leather is unique and changes over time.

With proper care, purchasing a leather product is a long-term investment that you will enjoy for many years.

For normal cleaning we recommend a soft and dry cloth. Stains can be carefully removed with a damp cloth and neutral soap. Make sure not to wipe but to dab from the edge to the middle of the stain. Avoid using abrasive or aggressive products such as solvents or stain removers and do not use shoe cleaning products.


This high-quality leather originally got its name from the Napa Valley in the USA and has a particularly soft structure. We use either very soft cowhide or lamb nappa leather, which is placed around a cotton cord and then sewn. The materials specially selected for this come exclusively from European tanneries.


The name Zamak is a German initial word for the metals that make up the alloy: Z-ink, A-luminium, MA-gnesium and K-upfer. It does not contain nickel and is therefore very skin-friendly. Zamak is a highly resistant material and, unlike silver, does not discolor. A fine leather or fabric cloth is recommended for cleaning.


Our need is to act responsibly – both towards people and our environment. With this awareness, it was very important to us to choose a manufacturer in the EU that shares these values.

In Braga, a small Portuguese town, we found an artisan factory that works ecologically and responsibly. All materials are manufactured and brought together in the EU.

The leather is selected for each product according to individual needs to guarantee function and longevity.

We regularly see for ourselves the quality and manufacturing processes during our visits to the production facilities.

Packaging materials are deliberately chosen to be simple and made exclusively from recycled raw materials.

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