Leather is a gift from nature. It is a durable, flexible, robust, insulating and decorative natural product. Leather surrounds everyone in everyday life. There is no household that does not have at least one leather product. But usually there are many more. Car leather , leather furniture , leather handbags , leather suitcases , wallets , leather clothing ( leather pants , leather jackets , motorcycle suits , leather gloves , leather shoes , leather boots , leather belts ), leather balls , leather straps , saddle leather Almost everyone wears leather directly on their body every day or has leather in their immediate environment.

That's why we decided to use only the highest quality leather for our beautiful bags in a timeless design in order to offer our customers a premium product and guarantee lifelong enjoyment.

Critics such as slow fashion, eco fashion, green fashion and fair fashion have become an integral part of today's fashion industry. There is an urgent need to rethink our consumer behavior. Buy less but more consciously. Questions like “who made my cloth” are getting louder and louder.

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